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We started with our Programming in Minecraft Courses in 2018 in three primary schools in the city of Most, in the Czech Republic. We started there as a group of enthusiasts involved in BRIDGE Academy to support and offer technology education to our children and their friends. We were inspired by the Nvias' association in Pilsen, which opened similar courses in 2017.

Due to the fact that we have registered a great interest during the years 2019-2020 and have had up to 150 children enrolled in the Most, Teplice and Louny classes and up to 4 suburban camps during the summer, we have decided to start offering our education all over the Czech Republic, and now in 2021 in different countries of Europe like United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, or Switzerland!

Despite the spring situation with COVID-19, we have intensively continued the preparations with the aim of launching up to 50 clubs in schools in the Czech Republic from October 2020, where they have met with great interest. In order to be ready to offer courses to our students even in case of school closures throughout the country, we prepared our new course: Virtual Programming in Minecraft, which allows children to follow our courses from home without interruption.

Programming in Minecraft does not stop here at BRIDGE Academy! In collaboration with Nvias, we prepared project days supported by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports called Young Creators of the Future, where we offered our free Business Project Days, and virtual prototyping in Minecraft. If you would like one of the project days in your school, write to us!

Every day we are deepening our cooperation with Nvias. And we will be offering more interesting educational clubs and activities for children in the near future, including more advanced courses on programming, artificial intelligence, or robotics!

Contact details

Company Name: Bridge Academy CZ s.r.o.

IČO: 09463003

Address: U Stadionu 714/30, 434 01 Most

Telephone contact: +420 724 581 938

Email: info@bridgeacademy.eu

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